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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Epoxy Flooring For Your Patio

We have spoken of the benefits of epoxy for the basement floor, epoxy garage floors, and the benefits of an epoxy pool deck coating. Jersey Epoxy cannot let it go unspoken of how an epoxy patio floor can also transform the concrete backyard patio!

The patio, playing host to heavy outdoor furniture, dripped grease from the barbecue grill, the tires of the kids’ trikes, bikes, and roller skates, and constant contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuations of hot summers and cold winters and
continuous foot traffic.

When the greyish concrete patio shows signs of years of daily wear and tear with chips, cracks, and stains, taking from the curb appeal of a well-landscaped backyard — it is time to consider a patio renovation project!

As we informed readers of the traditional pool deck material in the blog, The Benefits Of An Epoxy Pool Deck Coating, we now share the conventional patio flooring options for a concrete patio. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Epoxy Flooring For Your Patio

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Outdoor Flooring

Stamped Concrete Patio Flooring

A patio of stamped concrete offers a variety of patterns and textures, some stamped concrete resembling brick, tile, or wood, ‘stamped’ with a rubber form onto the wet poured concrete. Those installing this type of patio must be careful in setting and lifting the patterned rubber form withing ‘messing’ the imprint. 

Pros:A moderately priced patio with more visual appeal than simple poured concrete. With a variety of patterns and textures to choose this decorative flooring is relatively budget friendly.

Cons: Homeowners should remember that this is not a DIY project but requires an experienced installer. Remember that it is still poured concrete and will crack, chip, and stain over time.

Paver Patios

Paver Patios

Paver stones can be either concrete or composed of clay and can be sealed to extend their lifespan. 

Pros: Pavers come in varied shapes, sizes, and colors. Clay pavers will not fade in the sun.

Cons: Installation is a time-consuming and complicated process. It requires digging at least 6 inches into the soil, carting the soil away, carting in the base gravel or concrete, and compacting the gravel or recycled base properly. Proper installation of the base is critical to avoid loose and uneven pavers that could cause tripping of big or little feet.  

Natural Stone Patios

Natural Stone Patios

Natural stone, otherwise known as flagstone patios, comes in natural irregular shapes and sizes.

Pros: Provides a ‘natural’ aesthetic appeal to the outdoor patio space.

Cons: Finding and laying this natural stone is quite labor-intensive and thus quite costly.

Decorative Chip Gravel Patio

Decorative Chip Gravel Patio

This patio flooring option comprises loose stones within a plastic or metal-edged bordered area. As with patio pavers, installation requires digging away the soil, compacting the soil, applying a base of compacted gravel, and then applying no more than one inch of aesthetically appealing decorative gravel.

Pros: Attractive appearance and relatively easy installation.

Cons: If not properly compacted, the decorative gravel will be loose and difficult to walk on and give pause to the dog and cat’s soft padded paws. It is also not the ideal patio flooring option in a household of active ‘kids’ who enjoy ‘kicking up’ excitement by running and jumping!

7 Benefits Of Epoxy Coated Patio Flooring

7 Benefits Of Epoxy Coated Patio Flooring

The traditional flooring inside the home, around the pool deck, or for a patio is certainly not wrong. However, the mission of Jersey Epoxy is to inform as many suburban homeowners as possible of the 21st-century innovation in patio renovation. Jersey Epoxy professionals stand firm on renewing any worn concrete floor with the miracle mix of resin and hardener known as epoxy. Basements, garage floors, pool decks, and patiosOh My!

The following are the impressive attributes of an epoxy patio floor:

Cost-Effective Durability

The strength of a resin coating makes this outdoor flooring for patio impervious to cracking and chipping. When applied by an experienced epoxy flooring contractor, such outdoor flooring can last upward of 10 + years! Such outdoor flooring can be applied over any existing substrate flooring, including a rough concrete floor, saving the cost of removing the original substrate floor. Additionally, an epoxy-coated outdoor floor increases property value, bringing a healthy ROI (Return On Investment) of the floor cost. 

Decorative Flooring

Epoxy patio floors provide aesthetic appeal with a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures. Decorative chips can be added to the mix to offer a distinctive, elegant style with practical traction under the feet. 

Easy Maintenance

No more dust particles from concrete. Just a soft-bristled broom sweep or occasional wet mop, soap, and water to retain the patio shine. Quickly wipe away any grease spilling over from the barbecue grill or the mustard and relish that drips from the patio table!  


Epoxy resin comes from coniferous trees and plants abundant in nature and produces no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the manufacturing process that would be harmful to the environment or humans. A simple wash of the epoxy patio floor with soap and water eliminates the need for harsh chemical-based cleaning solutions that are environmentally risky.

Slip Resistant

An anti-slip aggregate can be added to an epoxy patio floor, an attribute most appreciated when the spring rains fall, or the winter snow and ice cover the patio surface.

Surface Protection

Worry no more of contracting and expanding concrete and the ensuing cracks. An epoxy-painted patio floor is a sealed, seamless, non-porous, smooth surface impervious to temperature fluctuation, moisture, stains, grease, and chemical elements. Epoxy is heat resistant to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, with higher temps possible if phosphorous is added to the resin and hardener mixture.

UV Resistant

An aggregate for UV resistance (ultraviolet light) can be added to the epoxy mixture to prevent patio color from fading and keep the patio surface from getting too hot, as the more traditional concrete, flagstone, paver stones, or tiled patios get.  

Jersey Epoxy — The Pros Of Epoxy Patio Floors

Jersey Epoxy — The Pros Of Epoxy Patio Floors 

Basements, garage floors, pool decks — and patios too! Epoxy patio flooring is a 21st-century innovation providing homeowners easy maintenance and a durable floor renovation, allowing for more leisure time with family and friends around the pool and patio. Contact Jersey Epoxy with any questions or concerns, as well as a free assessment and price quote for transforming your outdoor, or indoor, flooring space.