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10 Tips For Winter Patio Protection

When the warmth of the spring and summer sun no longer gives its warm glow, the temperatures drop, and northern winds begin to blow — then comes the freezing rain, ice, and snow! Brr-rrrrr WINTER! Savvy homeowners understand winter means preparation: winterizing the car, checking the function of the furnace, packing away the shorts and tees, and bringing out warm coats, hats, gloves, winter boots, and scarves. There then comes a momentary ‘deer caught in headlights’ eye glaze and reminiscing of summer days outdoors on the patio and the summer fun in the sun enjoying the maintenance-free epoxy patio and pool deck: reading a book on the lounge chair or hammock, grilling the hot dogs and burgers on the outdoor grill, the splishing and splashing in the backyard pool, and perhaps light chatter and laughs on patio enjoying the evening cool. The purpose of this blog by Jersey Epoxy professionals is to provide ten tips for winter patio protection

What to do about that outdoor patio in the cold days of winter? What is to be done about winter-proofing the patio space? Is it possible to preserve the outdoor living in winter? Is there a way to make the outdoor patio winter-ready to ensure protection from rain, sleet, snow, and wind?

Along with the winter preparation MUST DO’s of winterizing the car, checking the function of the furnace, and unpacking the warm coats, hats, gloves, winter boots and scarves, comes the job of winter proofing the patio. 

The good news for homeowners with epoxy floor coatings: Such epoxy floors are strong, durable, and seamlessly sealed to hold firm in winter temperature fluctuations that cause the freezing and thawing of snow and ice that brings concrete to crack. 

10 Tips for Winter Patio Protection

10 Tips For Winter Patio Protection

Installation Of An Epoxy Patio Floor

Protect your patio before the temperature plummets with an epoxy patio floor over the concrete substrate flooring.  

Give A Thorough Cleaning

Before the temperatures plummet and snow and ice cover the patio, clear the patio of leaves and debris before frigid temps make removal more difficult. If the patio is epoxy coated, cleaning requires only a sweep of the broom to remove debris and leaves, followed by warm water and mild dish detergent, making the patio shine. A strong scrub is good if the patio is composed of concrete. 

Store Away Vinyl And Plastic Patio Cushions

Provide snow and rain protection to those comfy cushions by storing them in a place free from moisture: a garage, basement, or weatherproof storage bins designed for patio cushions. Before storing, clean the cushions of the spring and summer soil residue according to the cleaning instructions on the cushion. 

Protect The Barbecue Grill

Give the grill a thorough inspection and cleaning according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure no baked-on grease or food residue is present to attract hungry pests or cause corrosion. When the barbecue grill is cleaned and fully dry, cover the grill with a heavy insulated tarp made explicitly for barbecue grills. Covering the grill with such a tarp protects from the harsh winter wind, snow, sleet, and ice.

Protect Outdoor Furniture

Treat aluminum chaise lounge chairs or metal furniture with a rust-resistant spray. Add a fresh coat of protective sealant to any wooden furniture, such as Adirondack chairs. Think ahead in those warmer spring and summer days when planning the patio seating by choosing plush upholstered fabric furniture. Plush fabric-backed furniture may allow for more time on the outdoor patio.

Inspect For Soil Erosion

Before the first snowfall, inspecting the soil along the patio perimeter for signs of soil erosion is critical. Gaps of soil around the patio edges will allow rain to ‘pool’ and freeze under the concrete, possibly causing an elevating the concrete flooring.

Pack Away Summer Thoughts

Change the thinking from lightweight tee’s, shorts, and swimming apparel and ‘cozy up’ with plush blankets and throw pillows covered in fabric and sip warm, not iced, tea, coffee, or hot cocoa to extend the outdoor living in winter

Electric Patio Heater

With the barbecue grill packed away, consider winter-proofing the patio and continuing to enjoy the flurry of socializing with neighbors and family or spending time alone watching the snow flurries with the purchase of an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, electric or propane patio heater or portable space heater.

Electric Patio Heater

Add Landscape Lighting

Avoid the blues of winter with its shorter days and dark nights by installing landscape lighting around the perimeter of your outdoor patio.

Patio Enclosures

A patio enclosure is the best means to continue using your outdoor patio in winter. Such an enclosure does not necessarily need to be a major construction project. A temporary patio enclosure starts with installing a framed wood pergola over the patio. With a pergola overhang surrounding the patio area, consider hanging curtain rods and transparent vinyl sheets to create a temporary screen porch. Clear vinyl allows light to come through along with the view of the snow-laden landscape. The curtain rods allow for easy opening and closing of the vinyl sheet to enter the patio. Another ‘easy-on-the-budget’ means to temporary enclosure includes hanging a heavy tarp or shade screen from the patio covered pergola. Yet another option is hanging specially insulated curtains designed for cold weather.

A permanent patio enclosure would mean a total enclosure of the patio to make a three-season, four-season, or permanent screened-in room. A four-season room, as the name implies, is insulated and can be used year-round in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. A three-season room protects from rain, snow, and wind gusts, except in exceedingly frigid winter weather.

Patio Enclosure

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