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Is Garage Epoxy Coating Worth the Investment?

Garages are more than just spaces we use to store our vehicles; they’re also used for home projects, storage, and equipment. Have you ever considered giving your garage an upgrade? Epoxy floors are becoming more popular among homeowners and show no sign of slowing down soon.

So the real question is, is garage epoxy coating worth the investment? In our blog, we’ll discuss how to apply an epoxy coating, the cost of installation, and why you should invest in a garage epoxy floor. 

Is Garage Epoxy Coating Worth the Investment?

How to Apply a Garage Epoxy Coating

For many years professionals only used epoxy floors in commercial and industrial settings. While these are still common areas for epoxy floors, it’s also becoming more popular in residential garages! Homeowners have been searching for clean, easy-to-maintain, and functional benefits by adding a garage epoxy coating to their floors.

For homeowners, epoxy floor services are becoming increasingly popular each day. If you’re a homeowner considering epoxy floors for your garage, hiring an experienced professional is best.

When sealing a garage floor, many homeowners believe it’s as easy as painting it, and then you’re done. The skill of applying an epoxy floor goes into its preparation and using high-quality products. Using the right tools and techniques ensures you receive the best results.

Instead of researching how to epoxy a garage floor, using an experienced professional offers many benefits. The simplest way to install a garage epoxy floor is by bringing in a team of experts.

How Much Is It to Install a Garage Epoxy Floor? 

So, is a garage epoxy coating worth the investment? When you factor in the benefits of epoxy floors, you can feel relieved knowing you made the right call investing in epoxy floors. Several factors determine the cost of a garage epoxy floor which include the following:

  • The size of your garage
  • The type of product applied
  • Preparation materials
  • Epoxy color
  • Design choices (optional)
  • Labor costs
  • Number of epoxy coats

Why Should You Invest in a Garage Epoxy Floor?

An epoxy garage floor has many benefits to make your home life more manageable and enhance your garage’s appearance.

Safer Option

Epoxy floors have safer traction than regular floors and are water-resistant, preventing slips and slickness that can create unnecessary accidents. Concrete floors pick up more dust, whereas epoxy floors don’t have this problem. This makes them an excellent investment for families with illnesses such as asthma.

Improved Appearance

With many aesthetic choices to choose from with epoxy floors, many styles and varieties can match your garage to your home. A once dull and dark garage can have extra color and may even encourage a good cleanout once you see its full potential.

A pristine garage floor with an epoxy floor can give every homeowner an instant mood boost!

It lasts a Long Time

Epoxy floors are outstanding in durability and last a long time. Professionals install these floors to be as durable as possible because garages deal with heavy foot traffic and equipment.

Epoxy floors are also heat-resistant, water-resistant and can withstand spills from chemicals and other impacts without affecting your epoxy coating. In your garage, you can drive your car over your epoxy floors without worrying and leave your heavy equipment without risking damage to your floors.

Property Value

While many people are in their forever homes, many homeowners like to fix up their homes and have a fresh start. Having epoxy floors in your garage is a low-effort approach to instantly boosting your home’s property value. Let’s face it; an attractive garage is brutal to come by these days!

Leading Epoxy Coating Manufacturers in New Jersey

Cattie Adhesives is one of the leading manufacturers of epoxy coatings in the United States. They use sustainable practices with every product using eco-friendly processes without negatively impacting the environment. If you’re looking for an excellent manufacturer, with Cattie Adhesives selection guidance, you can find the perfect match for your garage.

Master Bond Inc is one of the top epoxy manufacturers in New Jersey. They serve one and two-component epoxy systems with heat and UV cures. Their specialty is thermally conductive epoxy coatings that are tough and fast setting.

When installing your epoxy floors, ask your contractor about these leading manufacturers for your project! 

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At Jersey Epoxy, we can complete any project in as little as one day.

One of the leading epoxy coating manufacturers in the United States, Cattie Adhesives, provides eco-friendly products.

The price of a garage epoxy floor is determined by its size, materials used, product applied, labor costs, and design choices.