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How to Prepare Your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating

Floors are essential to get from point A to point B. In many cases, floors are often neglected and mismanaged. If you’ve been searching for a simple solution to extend the life of your concrete floors, an epoxy coating is effective and low-maintenance. Before a professional installs an epoxy coating, you should know how to prepare your concrete floor for the epoxy coating application.

After investing in a company to properly apply your epoxy coating, how do you know it was correctly applied? If you want to ensure professionals install your epoxy coating correctly, you’ll want to ensure they have adequately prepped your floor.  As you continue reading, we’ll discuss how to prepare your concrete floors for epoxy coating and what can happen when not applied correctly. 

How to Prepare Your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Before diving into the preparation, knowing what epoxy flooring is is essential. Even though they’re durable, concrete floors can become damaged over time. To assist with mitigating damages and to keep your concrete floors lasting longer, professionals can install an epoxy coating.

When applied to your concrete coating, epoxy is a resin and sealant. An epoxy coating can improve the safety of your concrete floor with its resistance to slipping. 

How to Prep Your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating

Before a professional can apply an epoxy coating, your concrete floors should be free of furniture and other types of storage. Our professionals at Jersey Epoxy can perform diamond grinding to remove irregularities from your concrete floor and make them more adhesive for an epoxy coating.

Examine Your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating

Before a professional begins to prep your concrete floor, their team will take the time to examine your surface. For a proper epoxy coating application, your concrete floors should be clean. That means there shouldn’t be any residue on your concrete floors.

A professional will strip everything entirely off of your concrete floors. While they will ensure no residue is left behind, a professional will take the time to inspect if there’s water damage and repair any damages. A professional must repair cracks and holes before the installation process begins.

What to Look for When Prepping Your Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating

Some essential things a professional should look out for before applying an epoxy coating are

  • Evenness of the concrete floor
  • Dirt and other residues
  • Moisture levels
  • PH value
  • Surface temperature
  • Surrounding temperature
  • Paint residue
  • Fatty acids

Prepping Your Floor for Epoxy Coating

When a professional has prepped your concrete floor, it’s time for the installation process to begin. There are different ways to prepare a concrete surface for an epoxy coating. Methods vary from company to company, but it’s best to seek the advice of an expert while preparing your concrete floors for an epoxy coating. 

At Jersey Epoxy, we use diamond grinding to prep a concrete floor for an epoxy coating.

Diamond Grinding

The process of Diamond Grinding helps to restore the smoothness of your concrete floors. This process involves using machinery, so consulting a professional is highly recommended. The machinery used a swaying motion to smooth your concrete surface.

After the smoothing process, a thorough vacuuming removes any remaining residue. To avoid creating circular rings, a professional should always move the grinder.

Is Using a Primer Necessary?

In short, using a primer is not necessary to apply an epoxy coating. When applying an epoxy coating to a wood surface, you will only need a primer. 

Curing Time

After an epoxy coating is applied to a concrete floor, it sets quickly but does not fully cure. A total curing time can take anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four hours before walking on is considered safe. Depending on temperatures and environmental conditions, curing may take a few days to ensure proper curing.

What Happens if I Don’t Prep My Concrete Floor for Epoxy Coating Correctly?

If you don’t correctly prep your concrete floors for an epoxy coating, several things may happen during the process. 

Adhesion Problems

Poor adhesion may occur if you don’t have a properly maintained temperature during the installation process, poor adhesion may occur. In addition to adhesion problems, you may also begin to notice peeling. 


The common issue to occur after applying an epoxy coating is the formation of bubbles. One of the reasons bubbles arise is due to a lousy surface proposition. Insufficient preparation is why we highly recommend against DIY methods when applying an epoxy coating.

In addition, if professionals don’t remove the moisture, this can also create bubbles. 

Surface Blushing

If the moisture levels on your concrete floors are too high; this will cause surface blushing. Surface blushing may be an issue if your concrete floors are close to a water source with high humidity. 

Inconsistencies With Finish

When professionals install your epoxy coating, it should have a clean, leveled, and beautiful finish. If you do not correctly prepare your concrete floors, you may notice lumps, which can cause your floors to look uneven. 

Why You Should Choose Jersey Epoxy For Your Epoxy Flooring Needs

At Jersey Epoxy, we bring our extensive skills to every project presented to us and can give you the highest quality epoxy floor coatings for your concrete floors. Our epoxy floor coatings can transform your space in both residential and commercial areas. We also offer long extended warranties on all of our services. 

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