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How Much Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Have you been considering updating the flooring in your garage? An epoxy flooring may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Due to its rugged and durable features, an epoxy floor can transform even the dullest garage floors into gleaming eye-catchers.

As you continue reading, we’ll discuss the cost of an epoxy garage floor, the factors contributing to the price, and the comparison between DIY and hiring a professional. 

How Much Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

How Much Does Epoxy Garage Flooring Cost?

A garage epoxy floor is very affordable depending on the size of your garage and what additional requirements are needed. As a result of its price, epoxy flooring is effortless to clean with resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals. The overall project of a garage epoxy floor can vary due to several factors. 

Factors that Contribute to the Cost of a Garage Epoxy Floor

When considering the cost of a garage epoxy floor, you’ll want to keep several factors that contribute to its cost in mind. 

Garage Size

The cost of your garage epoxy floor can vary due to your garage size. The size of the garage floor you’re coating is calculated by its square footage. The larger your garage, the higher the cost will be.

When putting an epoxy coating on a larger space, this will typically drop the price per square foot. 

Labor Costs

When calculating your epoxy flooring cost, you must also factor in labor costs. Labor costs will vary depending on the square footage. When prepping your garage floor, depending on its size, it may take two professionals to complete. Installing epoxy flooring can typically have high labor costs due to taking separate days for prepping, coating, and sealing.

This means you could pay for one day of preparation and one day for the actual installation. 

Chosen Application Method

When putting in a garage epoxy floor, professionals may use different application methods. Some methods include a roller, sprayer, or squeegee. When contacting an epoxy flooring professional, discuss the type of application that professionals will use since some may cost more due to being more labor intensive. 

Materials and Equipment

The price of materials and equipment can vary depending on the type of epoxy you choose and if there are any add-ons. When choosing your type of epoxy, water-based epoxy is cheaper than solid epoxy. Professionals may use materials and other equipment, including power washers, shop vacs, power tools, squeegees, spiked shoes, rollers, and other protective gear. 

Types of Epoxy

Another factor that determines the cost of your epoxy flooring is the chosen type of epoxy. You can choose from the three main types of epoxy to renovate your garage. 

  1. Water-Based – As mentioned above, water-based epoxy is one of the cheaper epoxy flooring options. It’s one of the cheaper options due to it being thinner and the least durable of the bunch. Water-based epoxy flooring can withstand minor damages; however, any heavy blows or chemicals can break it. 
  2. Solvent-Based – Ranked in the middle is solvent-based, which is easier to install. It’s cheaper than solid epoxy but a little more than water-based epoxy. 
  3. Solid – Solid epoxy flooring is one of the more expensive options but is the most durable, making it well worth the investment. 


Before a professional begins prepping the area, you should empty your garage of any items currently inside. Emptying your garage includes articles on the floor, shelving, and vehicles inside. To reduce the cost, you can save by removing these items yourself.

Before applying epoxy, since most garages are concrete, they’ll need to be acid washed or etched to give the epoxy a textured grip to adhere to the surface. You or professionals must also clean your garage floor must also become cleaned before it’s etched to remove dirt or debris.

Additional Costs

When making a budget for your garage epoxy floors, you’ll see additional costs into consideration. Additional costs may include things like painting, sealing, extra storage, repairs, and traffic coating. 

DIY Vs. Hiring a Professional

Applying an epoxy floor in your garage requires preparation, detail, and a lot of patience. An epoxy floor professional has the materials and equipment to apply the epoxy correctly. A professional also has high-quality materials and can ensure that your epoxy floor stays durable and lasts long.

When researching, you may find epoxy flooring DIY kits that cost several hundred dollars. If you’re not buying a kit, you must purchase the epoxy, equipment, cleaning tools, and other items separately. Hiring an epoxy flooring professional will help you minimize mistakes that may be more costly in the future. 

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