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How Long Does Epoxy Last in Commercial Settings?

There are many commercial flooring options on the market, so making the right floor choice can seem overwhelming. Although choosing commercial flooring isn’t always the most glamorous part of operating a business, it’s an important decision.

How Long Does Epoxy Last in Commercial Settings

How Long Do Epoxy Floor Coatings Last?

The lifespan of commercial epoxy floors depends on various factors. Normal wear and tear and foot traffic majorly affect how long epoxy floors last in commercial environments. When your floors experience heavy foot traffic, they gradually develop scruffs and scratches.

Some of the factors that can determine how long your epoxy floors last in commercial environments are:

  • The use of heavy equipment
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Mechanical traffic
  • Steady foot traffic

It’s common knowledge that residential epoxy floors last longer than commercial epoxy floors due to the lower vehicle and foot traffic levels. Depending on installation and maintenance, a commercial epoxy floor can last 10 to 20 years.

A commercial epoxy floor can last 10 to 20 years, but this isn’t always true. Commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic may last less if not adequately maintained. Epoxy floors in restaurants, garages, and factory settings tend to see this occur often.

Building owners that provide proper floor maintenance can also make their floors last longer despite heavy vehicle and foot traffic.

Is an Epoxy Floor Good for a Commercial Business?

Epoxy flooring is one of the top options for commercial companies because it is durable against harsh working conditions in a busy environment. It can maintain the highest performance levels and withstand the heaviest foot traffic.

In a commercial environment, stains and spills are inevitable, so epoxy coatings are seamless, meaning you can easily wipe up any spills without worrying about contaminants, staining, or absorption.

Since every commercial business has health and safety standards, it’s essential to mention that epoxy flooring meets these standards in terms of quality, sanitation, and hygiene. Its strong surface means there are no cracks or grout lines where bacteria can accumulate.

The safety of your staff is a top priority when operating in a commercial industry. In a fast-paced environment, staff members work with intricate machinery and harsh chemicals. Epoxy flooring is also fire-resistant, so it’s an excellent option for commercial floors where intensive labor takes place.

Lastly, minimizing downtime is crucial when installing a new epoxy floor in a commercial are. Since time is money, business owners need quick installations to get their businesses back up and running. When completed by a professional, epoxy flooring is typically fast and easy to install.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring



Epoxy flooring costs less per square foot compared to various flooring options. You can install an epoxy coating over existing concrete without a separate system. The initial cost of epoxy coatings might be higher than concrete polishing; however, when replacing epoxy, the cost is lower because you won’t need to prepare the concrete substrate.

Resists Damage

Commercial epoxy floor coatings are resistant to many hazards, including oil and cleaning solutions. In addition to their resistance to chemicals, epoxy flooring is water—and heat-resistant, making it an excellent choice for commercial businesses. 


One of the biggest selling points for epoxy floors is their longevity. Many business owners want a durable, low-cost flooring solution that lasts. Depending on its application, professional epoxy flooring can last up to 20 years with proper care. 


With epoxy floor coatings, you can achieve your desired look for your commercial business. In addition to its endless color options, you can customize epoxy floors with unique effects such as flakesmetallic epoxy, and geometric patterns. Customization can also improve your commercial flooring’s foot traffic and safety with warnings and stripings. 


Can’t Adhere to Moist Environments

In some environments, epoxy flooring is easy to clean, seamless, and can resist moisture; however, depending on the location of your floor and if you’re dealing with any moisture issues, epoxy floors may not be a great fit. As long as your commercial floor is properly cared for and dried, epoxy coatings should have no problem adhering to it.

Many professionals use a diamond grinding technique to help epoxy coatings adhere to concrete floors. Diamond grinding opens up the pores of the concrete floor before application of epoxy and urethane. This method helps the coating bond better with the floors, so unless this step is taken, or one similar, epoxy coatings can not properly adhere to the floor, risking the durability of your floors. 

What is the Lifetime of Epoxy?

Epoxy is an excellent choice for many commercial businesses. It’s easy to clean, strong and can last for 20+ years when properly maintained. Keeping your floors clean is essential to extending their lifespan. Epoxy floors save on costs, can be customized to your preference, and meet your needs regarding sanitation and durability.

How Often Do You Redo Epoxy Floors?

How often do you redo epoxy floors

Typically, can last 20 or more years, longer than a painted concrete floor, which can wear and chip quickly in high-traffic environments. Epoxies do chalk out and fade over time since they’re not UV stable, which is why many professionals use a urethane topcoat or a polyaspartic topcoat for added durability and color stability. If you have an epoxy top coat in place, you can sand and recoat it with polyaspartic or urethane to bring it back to life.

Upgrade Your Commercial Floor With Jersey Epoxy

At Jersey Epoxy, we know epoxy flooring systems. Our trained experts can guide you through the process of selecting the right kind of epoxy that’s made for years to come. Our team of experts can carefully install your epoxy floors for durability and longevity.

An epoxy floor can be the perfect answer for your commercial business. It will look excellent and keep your staff safe. Our team at Jersey Epoxy is here to ensure that safety is no longer a concern.

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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings: FAQ

The lifespan of commercial epoxy floors depends on various factors. Normal wear and tear and foot traffic significantly affect how long epoxy floors last in commercial environments, but when properly maintained, they can last up to 20 years.

Epoxy flooring is one of the top options for commercial environments because of its durability against rough, harsh working conditions in a busy area.

The advantages of epoxy floors are easy customization, economical impact, longevity, and the ability to resist damage.