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Epoxy Flooring For Restaurants And Commercial Kitchens

Large restaurants, hotels, and various commercial food venues where food is prepared in large quantities are where the commercial kitchens are discovered, along with the chefs, waiters, and waitresses scurrying to satisfy the hunger pangs of customers perusing and musing the wide range of choices of the food menu.

Epoxy Flooring For Restaurants And Commercial Kitchens ​

Commercial Grade Floors To Ease Kitchen Chores

It becomes evident as one views this fast-paced place known as the commercial kitchen that the key to an efficient working kitchen is the floor providing the following qualities:


The investment of flooring for a commercial kitchen requires durability that will tolerate the abundant foot traffic, as well as the inevitable spills of boiling water, grease, and cooking oils. Moisture resistance is also necessary with a restaurant kitchen flooring investment, plus the strength that withstands the heavy kitchen equipment of commercial stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Such floor durability must sustain itself against the drop of the pots, dishes, mugs, and glassware.


It is critical that commercial kitchens have flooring that sports a non-porous nature and is smooth and seamless to avoid the issue of microbial germs and bacteria falling between the cracks.


With the myriad of feet scurrying across commercial kitchen floors, it is a ‘no-brainer’ that commercial kitchen flooring needs to be slip-resistant, even when wet, to ensure the safe footing of the restaurant staff.

Heat Resistant

If kitchen flooring can’t stand the heat, remove it from a restaurant kitchen with fluctuating temperatures running hot to cool, resulting in the floor surface expanding and contracting at a rate different than the underlying substrate! This thermal shock is the cause for floors to crack, bubble, tear, and wear!

Easy Maintenance

A busy restaurant or commercial kitchen requires a floor surface that will not leave any remains of food stains. The ease of cleaning and sanitizing aimed at pleasing the public health department inspectors taking their time to look for grime!

Epoxy Flooring Solutions For Commercial Kitchens

Restaurant and commercial kitchen venues, as with other business industries, are seeing how the epoxy flooring for commercial kitchens is the most beneficial in meeting all the above requirements of an efficient kitchen.


A resin and hardener comprises epoxy flooring for long-lasting durability and impact resistance. Wood floors are soft and insufficient for the intensity of commercial kitchen tasks. The sharp knife used for cutting meat or chopping veggies can snag on the wood-paneled flooring if dropped, vinyl or laminate tile can buckle, crack, and are subject to wear and tear from the kitchen heat, and tile floors shatter easily from a dropped pot or ceramic glass plate or pitcher tumbling to the floor.

Supremely Hygienic

Due to the smooth and seamless surface of the epoxy flooring in a commercial kitchen, there are no cracks or crevices for grime, grease, food debris, and resulting bacterial germs to hide. Any spills that inevitably occur in the hustle and bustle of food preparation will not settle into the non-porous flooring to leave unsightly stains. 

Foot Traffic Compatibility

A concrete floor in a commercial kitchen gets tiring to the legs, and vinyl or laminate tile floors can slowly deteriorate by the constant in and out walking by the wait staff, providing a possible tripping hazard. Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring provides comfort to the legs and feet.

Cost Effective

When employing a trained technician to install epoxy coating in a commercial kitchen, the installation is easy with little ‘down time’ because it dries quickly. The initial cost may be higher than traditional flooring, but low maintenance offsets the cost. Cleaning spills is easy with soap and water and without costly chemical cleaning agents. Commercial kitchen epoxy flooring has a long-lasting durability of ten or more years before updating needs to be considered.

Aesthetically Beautiful

As any chef understands, presentation as much makes a meal as the taste. An epoxy floor commercial kitchen, available in varied finishes, colors, and design patterns, speaks as much for the professional quality of the commercial kitchen as the professional chef doing the baking, cooking, and frying! Epoxy flooring for commercial kitchens can also be customized to include the business logo on the workspace floor. The glisten and gleam of commercial kitchen epoxy flooring reflects the overhead lighting of the kitchen workspace, making a brighter working environment.

Slip, Heat, And Chemical Resistant

With safety the #1 priority of restaurant and commercial kitchens, restaurant owners are pleased that Epoxy resin is a versatile flooring material that provides a wide range of menu option aggregates added to the original mixture to make the flooring slip resistant, heat resistant, and chemical resistant.  

Jersey Epoxy Fills Commercial Kitchen Flooring Need

Epoxy flooring is fast becoming a flooring investment priority for restaurants that put the safety of their staff and high sanitary standards as the #1 priority! Jersey Epoxy Flooring Service stands ready to assist the culinary masters of the kitchen with the installation of epoxy flooring for the commercial kitchen space or to answer any questions regarding epoxy flooring benefits. Contact Jersey Epoxy today for an assessment of your commercial kitchen and a free price quote.