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8 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Good for Retail Spaces

If you work in retail, you engage with customers daily. As a business owner, your building receives heavy traffic in and out of your establishment, which is one of the reasons durable and aesthetically pleasing floors are a must-have.

Therefore, your retail space needs flooring that can withstand heavy traffic and the challenges each day brings. Durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable flooring are floors that every retail space should have.

This is why most businesses in the retail industry are choosing epoxy flooring. As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss eight reasons why epoxy flooring suits retail spaces.

8 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Good for Retail Spaces

8 Top Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Good for Retail Spaces

Below are eight reasons why epoxy flooring is suitable for retail spaces. 

1. Durability

Due to its easy and quick installation and durability, epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for retail spaces. With its water-resistant features, it’s suitable for retail areas that are prone to spills. With its impeccable seal, you’ll find comfort knowing that your retail floors can withstand even the harshest chemicals and spills.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is one of the most suitable choices for high-trafficked areas where customers are flowing in and out. 

2. Amazing Lifespan

While epoxy flooring has excellent durability, there are several factors to consider when picking the right floor for your retail space. Here are three elements to keep in mind when ensuring the lifespan of your epoxy flooring

  1. Proper installation – Ensuring a professional properly installs your epoxy flooring is essential to making your floors last long. When your floors aren’t correctly installed, your seal can fail, leading to cracks and flaking. At Jersey Epoxy, our professionals are highly trained to ensure your epoxy flooring is installed correctly, eliminating the need for replacements in the future.
  2. Monitor your floors – Since retail spaces are high-trafficked areas, you’ll want to perform regular checkups to ensure your epoxy flooring stays in excellent condition.
  3. Replace as necessary – You probably won’t need to worry about repairs when well-maintained. However, if required, you should make repairs or replacements as necessary. If you see cracks or flakes beginning to form, call a professional right away to minimize the damage.


By following these essential steps, your retail epoxy flooring will last years! 

3. Slip-Resistant

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for retail areas because of its slip-resistant properties. Not only are epoxy floors resistant to moisture, but they’re also straightforward to clean. While other types of floors are prone to slippage, epoxy flooring is a great option to eliminate the risk of slips in your retail area.

With customers continuing to enter your retail space, don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent an unnecessary injury. 

4. Contains Spills

One of the essential reasons epoxy flooring is excellent for retail space is its ability to contain spills. While you most likely won’t need to worry about chemicals, customers frequently bring food and drinks inside your business.

Epoxy flooring does a fantastic job are preventing spills from spreading and is a safe option for your retail space. 

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

While upgrading your retail floors, you always need to figure out what to expect with the price tag fully. However, aesthetics is an essential part of the success of your business, including customer retention. Retail owners can customize their epoxy flooring without breaking the bank.

You’ll also be able to customize the designs and textures of your epoxy flooring, like adding your business logo to the center. With epoxy flooring, design and customization options are endless. Even the most minor design can significantly impact the look of your space. 

6. Great for High Traffic Areas

With retail spaces being high-trafficked areas, customers’ safety is a top priority. With epoxy flooring, you can give your business the advantage of having a place that’s made to anticipate high traffic. Not only will your retail epoxy flooring last long-term, but it’ll hold up against heavy machinery.

Epoxy flooring can also protect against scuffs and dents made by heavy items. As a business, ignoring your floors is the last thing you’ll want to do, as it can become costly and unsafe for your customers. You can add traction levels to your epoxy flooring to make your floors slip-resistant.

7. Easy to Maintain

Whether operating in a small or large retail area, epoxy flooring is essential and easy to maintain. Many professionals can clean epoxy flooring with as little water and a map. Epoxy flooring also doesn’t collect dust or other debris like different types of floors.

When dust is collected on your floors, little known to few, this can create a hazard.

Epoxy flooring is a smooth, clean coating that prevents bacteria and moisture, making it ideal for retail spaces and other commercial buildings.

8. Cost & Time-Efficient

While upgrading your floors is an investment, epoxy flooring is one of the most affordable options and worth every penny. At Jersey Epoxy, we can install your epoxy flooring in as little as one down, minimizing downtime and financial losses to your business.

While curing times vary depending on customization, the resin can harden quickly. Epoxy flooring has been built to withstand heavy-foot tracks, equipment, and cleaning for many years. 

Why You Should Choose Jersey Epoxy for Your Retail Floors

At Jersey Epoxy, we understand that owning a retail space can be challenging. Floors with cracks, uneven areas, and stains can create an unsafe environment for your customers and employees. Not to mention the amount of time you’ll maintain your floors and the amount of money you’ll spend on repairs.

At Jersey Epoxy, our experts are well-trained in epoxy flooring and can turn your retail space into a durable, aesthetically pleasing work of art. Our professionals are committed to providing epoxy floors that fit your needs and can leave a long-lasting impression.

If you’ve been considering epoxy flooring for your retail space, call us today for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, epoxy flooring is one of the most affordable options today.

Yes, epoxy flooring comes in various colors, designs, and patterns.

Yes, epoxy flooring can withstand high-traffic areas and heavy equipment without damaging your floors.

When installed correctly and well-maintained, epoxy flooring can last between 10 and 20 years!