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6 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Ideal for School Floors

While grade schools and universities are high-traffic areas, their floors must be reliable and durable solutions for students and staff. Epoxy flooring for school buildings is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, is easy to maintain and clean, can provide a healthy environment for students and staff, and can make your school warm and welcoming to the many people who enter.

As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss six reasons why epoxy flooring is an excellent solution for school floors and why you should hire a professional to get the job done right!

6 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Ideal for School Floors​

6 Top Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Ideal for School Floors

Here are six reasons why epoxy flooring is ideal for school floors. 

1. Hygienic & Sanitary

Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for school flooring because it protects your floors from bacteria and mildew and can also assist in safeguarding the health of your faculty and students. Epoxy flooring has an antimicrobial element penetrating each resin layer to prevent bacteria growth.

In a busy school, such as a high school or university, you can’t guarantee that your school will remain germ-free; however, by installing epoxy flooring, you can rest assured that your floors are helping you reach that end. 

2. Durability 

In school settings, floors are the last thing students focus on, unlike the faculty, whose job is to keep students safe. In schools, it’s the job and responsibility of the staff to ensure that floors are a durable option that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Other flooring options, such as rubber floors, tiles, or carpet, look nice once installed but can quickly become dirty and worn.

You’ll notice wear patterns after a few years of students and staff constantly walking on them. Even some other popular flooring options will begin to crack and see their coating diminish, which can lead to damage and create an environment for bacteria to grow. At Jersey Epoxy, you’ll receive long-lasting, excellent-looking epoxy flooring that will look great in your school for decades.  

3. For More Than Classrooms

School environments are more than just classrooms; they include gymnasiums, lockerrooms, cafeterias, offices, bathrooms, and other areas. In these areas, spills are prone to happen, and with epoxy floors are easily wiped away, posing no danger to the underlying concrete.

Other flooring options will allow spills to seep through and create foul odors, creating an unsafe environment for students and staff. Our floors at Jersey Epoxy make cleaning your epoxy floors easy. Epoxy flooring is an excellent option to keep your floss hygienic and in great condition. 

4. Resistant to Chemicals

Some areas are made to withstand messes, wether in grade school or college, from arts and crafts to chemicals from the lab. Our epoxy flooring at Jersey Epoxy has a high success rate when exposed to spills and other chemicals. Epoxy flooring can withstand deterioration and even the toughest of stains.

Epoxy flooring can also withstand grease stains, making it an excellent option for school cafeterias and dining areas. In cafeterias, it’s essential to have safe and reliable floors for students to prevent unnecessary slips and falls. 

5. Provides a Safe Environment For Students & Staff

Epoxy flooring has a textured finish, making your epoxy floors slip-resistant to unnecessary slips and falls from staff and students. These slip-resistant properties can also be installed in spaces prone to wetness, such as school pool areas. Epoxy floors are a great option in school areas where students must walk barefoot to complete water activities.

Faculty working in school cafeterias and kitchens will also benefit from epoxy flooring, which can withstand grease pans spills. Unlike tile flooring in other cafeteria and kitchen areas, our epoxy floors won’t become slippery when dealing with unwanted spills.

6. Impresses Parents

One of the final reasons that epoxy flooring is ideal for schools is its design. Design is essential when installing epoxy flooring, and it can transform even the most boring classroom into a masterpiece. Our epoxy floors come in many colors, patterns, and designs and can match any unique need to fit your school’s requirements.

Our professionals at Jersey Epoxy can transform even the dullest school rooms into a work of art. Our experts can even place your school logo onto your epoxy floors to create an inviting environment for staff, students, parents, and visitors. 

Why Choose Jersey Epoxy for School Epoxy Flooring

As part of the school staff, it’s your job to create a safe and productive learning environment for your students. The floors are one of the most overlooked areas in school buildings that can make a headache for students and staff. Dealing with cracked, peeling, or stained floors will create an unwelcoming impression on parents and visitors and can become a safety hazard for anyone entering.

With the challenges such as heavy foot traffic, spills, and the constant moving of school furniture, keeping your floors aesthetically appealing, durable, and clean may seem challenging. At Jersey Epoxy, our experts can transform school floors into attractive, durable, and reliable ones. Our professionals understand the importance of keeping your students and staff safe, so we use only the best techniques and high-quality materials to deliver excellent results to fit specific needs.

Our epoxy floors are a durable and convenient school to upgrade your concrete floors. Our long-lasting epoxy coating can withstand even the heaviest of foot traffic are easy to clean and maintain. With our services, you can complete your epoxy floors in as little as one day; you’ll receive an extended warranty and feel comfortable knowing that our experts have over twenty years of experience installing epoxy floors.

If you’ve been considering epoxy flooring in your educational institution, call us today for your free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, epoxy flooring has slip-resistant properties and can hold up to spills, making them a safe option for staff and students.

Our epoxy flooring comes in various colors, patterns, and designs and can be customized to fit your needs.

Yes, epoxy flooring works exceptionally well in cafeterias and kitchens since it can withstand spills and other chemicals.