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5 Things to Consider Before Getting Epoxy Flooring in Your New Jersey Garage

Due to its long-lasting results, epoxy flooring is becoming more popular in business and residential areas. Epoxy floors can provide everything you need in a garage floor, but mistakes can damage or weaken the epoxy resin.

Before taking on this project, here are 5 things to consider before getting epoxy flooring in your New Jersey garage.

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Epoxy Flooring in Your New Jersey Garage

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Epoxy Flooring in Your New Jersey Garage

1. Accurate Measurements

Before getting epoxy flooring in your New Jersey garage, it’s essential to ensure the professional installing your floors uses the accurate measurements of resin and hardener to ensure your floor correctly cures. When measuring, they should start small and add more resin as needed.

When a professional measures epoxy resin, they should use a graduating measuring cup. When using this measurement cup, a professional should consider the meniscus that meets the line and where they’ll pour the epoxy.

When the epoxy is still warm, it should remain flat in the measuring cup; however, you should let it cool before deciding the amount of hardener to use. The professional should then pour the hardener into the mixture until you have the accurate amount of epoxy.

Specific epoxy manufacturers may require different portions, so they must ensure they have the correct ratio. Before mixing all the products, the epoxy should remain at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Make Sure the Resin is Properly Mixed

When properly mixing the resin, you should use a small amount if you’re new to mixing epoxy to become familiar with the mixing and curing process. Hiring a professional for epoxy flooring in your New Jersey garage is highly recommended.

When mixing the resin, you should use a container with accurate amounts of resin and hardener. You should never use a glass container for the mixture due to the risk of heat build-up. When stirring, you should remember that mixing too fast for too long can create more air bubbles.

The more air bubbles you create, the higher the chance of air bubbles in your epoxy coating. When stirring, mix your ingredients for at least one to three minutes until it has a certain consistency. When applying, you should immediately pour the epoxy into the pan to extend its working time. 

3. The Type of Epoxy Used

Epoxy resin is used for different spaces, so it’s essential to research the kind of resin, the product, and what material is best for your New Jersey garage. This is one of the most crucial stages of getting epoxy flooring in your New Jersey Garage.

Over the years, epoxy has become more desirable for several reasons, mainly due to the types of epoxy available, the high demand, and the design options. If you’re looking for epoxy flooring for your New Jersey garage, taking the time to research can allow you to choose the best type of epoxy for your space.

4. The Reflectiveness

When you have epoxy coating in your garage, it can enhance your visibility in your garage without the need for extra lighting. Epoxy flooring has excellent reflectiveness and can make working in your garage safer and more accessible. In addition, it can also save you money by lowering your electric costs since you won’t have as much of a need for overhead lighting.

5. Chemical Resistance

Chemicals such as cleaning products, oil from your car, and gas can damage your garage floors, so it’s essential to pick an excellent epoxy coating that is chemical resistant. Salt from snowy and icy roads can damage your garage floor even in winter.

You should invest in an epoxy floor with the highest chemical resistance to prevent these damages. No matter what you choose, Jersey Epoxy can offer epoxy coatings that are chemical resistant, resistant to abrasions, and resistant to sun damage.

The Bottom Line

Considering these factors, you can avoid making mistakes when getting epoxy flooring in your garage. The most essential thing to remember is to take your time when researching. These considerations are not only to help you avoid mistakes but can allow you to have a nice epoxy floor in your garage.

At Jersey Epoxy, we offer top-quality residential garage floor epoxy services. With extended warranties, you’ll receive a garage floor installed by our professionals in as little as one day. You will have your floors handled by professionals with over twenty years of experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy is an excellent option for a garage floor if your epoxy has chemical-resistant properties.

You should consider the measurements of the mixture, the type of epoxy used, and if it’s chemical resistant.

Yes, an epoxy floor is an excellent option and is a great way to enhance the light in your space without the need to use more electricity.