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What is Epoxy Flooring?

In environments such as industrial and commercial, epoxy floors have become a popular flooring option because of their broad range of sought-after properties. With epoxy floors being a complex topic for discussion, there’s much to touch on. Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring, is sustainable, customizable, and go-to decoration option for any surface.

Below, we’ll go more in-depth about what epoxy flooring is, the different types of epoxy flooring, the advantages of epoxy flooring, the installation professional, and why you should hire a professional when it’s time to install.

What is Epoxy Flooring

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Many people are unaware, but epoxy flooring is a coating that protects flooring. Made from resin and a hardening agent, it will form a plastic-like coating. When typically applied, more than one coating is applied, making it durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

With epoxy floors installed, you’ll be able to choose your color and design to fit your needs and meet the aesthetic of your space. Some often get confused when distinguishing between epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring has a coating of at least two millimeters thick, while anything less than two millimeters is considered epoxy floor coating. 

What are the Different Types of Epoxy Floors?

Now that we’ve covered what Epoxy Flooring is, we’ll dive into some types you can choose from. 

Graveled Epoxy Flooring

If you’ve been searching for epoxy resin floor options, graveled epoxy flooring is excellent. This type of flooring is conveniently customizable and can come in various intricate designs. If you’re creative, graveled epoxy flooring is right down your alley.

Graveled epoxy flooring can be found primarily in stores or buildings, with the ability to add their logo. However, if you’re a homeowner seeking this option, you can use this type to add to the decorative side to have a more personalized look. 

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Another great option if you’ve been seeking a decorative look is metallic epoxy flooring. This type of flooring uses a metallic additive, which allows you to customize your design with different colors, accents, and effects. The most common design used with metallic epoxy floors is the swirling design.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy flooring is one of the most beautiful options you’ll come across. This type of flooring contains colored materials that make patterns and can prevent slipping. You’ll often see flake epoxy flooring in showrooms or basements. 

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Solid epoxy flooring is simple and versatile. This type of flooring has a wide range of colors that can apply almost anywhere. This type of floor finish is perfect for rooms with solid colors and without fancy designs.

Even though you can find solid epoxy floors in buildings, they’re common in kitchens, living rooms, or driveways.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

There are several advantages of epoxy flooding, some of which include:


Epoxy flooring has a waterproof seal and bond that makes it spill-resistant and chemical resistant. It has a coating that seals the pores of the floor to protect it from liquids. With this advantage, epoxy flooring is ideal for hospitals, commercial kitchens, or chemical factories.


Since epoxy flooring is waterproof, it is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. With these waterproof properties, epoxy flooring is particularly great for hospitals where it’s susceptible to dampness from constant cleaning. Epoxy flooring creates a tight bond that seals the surface below the epoxy floor to prevent moisture.

Easy Installation

Compared to other types of floors, epoxy flooring, is quick and easy to install. One upside is that any organization planning to install epoxy floors won’t have to pause business for too long. Due to its quick and easy installation, epoxy flooring costs less when compared to other floors, such as hardwood.

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of epoxy flooring is it’s easy to maintain. Unlike brittle concrete flooring, epoxy flooring allows you to quickly sweep or mop to retain its shiny appearance. Health hazards such as bacteria, grime, and other contaminants don’t stand a chance with epoxy flooring, making it a practical option.

Some other advantages to epoxy flooring include:

  • Increases the brightness of interior space with its shiny finish
  • Has a durable, hard surface to withstand heavy loads
  • Protects concrete from wear and tear 

The Process of Epoxy Flooring

Installing epoxy flooring can be a complex process, that’s why we always recommend hiring a professional. Below are steps a professional may take when installing your epoxy floors.

  1. Prep the surface of your floor
    • Any materials, such as dust particles, must be removed from the surface.
    • After removing foreign materials, grinding and shot blasting create a course surface for better bondage
    • All significant cracks on the floor are identified, patched, and repaired
  2. A priming coat is applied to the floor and must ensure it makes its way deep into the floor
  3. After applying the primer, professionals will fill any visible cracks or holes on the floor with epoxy
  4. The floor becomes sanded and re-layered
  5. Water is then applied to the floor to test out its sealant. The floor can receive epoxy coating if the water does not soak in.
  6. Epoxy hardener then becomes mixed with resin and is applied over the floor’s surface in multiple layers in its final stage.
  7. After the application, the flooring is cured at the required temperature
  8. Only when the epoxy begins the reaction with another curing agent can the curing process initiate.

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