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Jersey Epoxy offers concrete floor polishing services for residential, industrial, and commercial spaces. Enhance your concrete floors through our high-quality concrete polishing process, recognized for its exceptional durability and timeless design. Choose Jersey Epoxy to enhance your home or business environments, and enjoy the benefit of strong and visually appealing polished concrete floors.

One Day Service

We can get the job done all in as little as one day.

Long Warranties

Our floors are covered by extremely long-term warranties

20+ Years Experience

With 20+ years of experience, you can rest assured you are getting the best job possible.

Quality Durable Epoxy

We only use High-quality durable epoxy on all our jobs

Top-rated Professional Polished Concrete FlooriNG Services

Enhance the look and durability of your home or business space with quality floor polishing services from Jersey Epoxy. Our skilled team, equipped with high-quality tools, transforms ordinary concrete floors into beautiful surfaces with a remarkable shine, vibrant color, and the added benefit of repelling water and other contaminants.

The process seamlessly combines style and durability, creating finishes that stand the test of time. Imagine modern masterpieces in your home’s living spaces or your commercial property’s lobby, office areas, and meeting spaces. Our concrete polishing services cater to both residential and commercial settings, improving the visual appeal of your concrete floors while ensuring lasting strength.

Whether you’re interested in polished cement floors, finished concrete floors, or polished concrete floors for homes and businesses, Jersey Epoxy has you covered. We focus on bringing out the best in your concrete surfaces without compromising durability. Our goal is to provide you with information on concrete grinding, polishing, and cement polishing, helping you make informed decisions about your floors.

Choose Jersey Epoxy for a polished finish that not only looks great but also adds durability to your concrete floors.


Explore the diverse applications of polished concrete flooring, ranging from residential spaces to commercial environments, including garages, basements, and warehouses. Achieve a polished finish that not only enhances visual appeal but also adds durability to various surfaces.

Living Spaces

Elevate the appeal of your home by incorporating polished concrete in living rooms and bedrooms. Achieve a modern and sleek aesthetic that blends style with durability.

Commercial Offices

Enhance professionalism in office spaces with polished concrete flooring, offering a polished and resilient surface suitable for high-traffic areas.

Retail Showrooms

Upgrade garage spaces with polished concrete garage floors, providing a polished and stain-resistant surface that is easy to clean.

Hospitality Venues

Create a stylish ambiance in hotels, restaurants, and cafes with polished concrete flooring, offering a durable and visually appealing solution for guests and staff.

Industrial Warehouses

Optimize functionality in warehouses by employing polished concrete floors, designed to endure heavy machinery and frequent use.

Educational Institutions

Enhance the appearance and practicality of educational spaces, such as corridors and common areas, with polished concrete flooring, offering a low-maintenance and durable solution.

Healthcare Facilities

Utilize polished concrete flooring in healthcare settings for a clean and sterile environment, benefiting from durability and easy maintenance.


Showcase merchandise in retail environments with polished concrete floors, providing a clean and contemporary backdrop that captures attention.

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Know This First


When you choose Jersey Epoxy for your polished concrete flooring needs, you can expect a hassle-free and efficient process. Our commitment to detail ensures that each step of the concrete polishing is executed to your satisfaction. Collaborating closely with you, our team helps choose suitable options for the concrete floors in your residential and commercial spaces.

1. Consultation

Initiate your polished concrete flooring project with a personalized consultation from Jersey Epoxy. Our experts will discuss your vision, assess your needs, and provide tailored recommendations to achieve the desired outcome for your space.

2. Preparation

In the preparation phase, our skilled team takes thorough steps to ensure the concrete surface is ready for transformation. This includes deep cleaning, repair of imperfections, and creating a smooth substrate that sets the foundation for the subsequent polishing process.

3. Transformation

Our team utilizes advanced techniques, including concrete grinding and polishing. This process brings your concrete surface to life, achieving the desired sheen, color, and durability. The result is a stunning and enduring polished concrete floor that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial space.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

Enhance both your residential and commercial spaces with the durable and low-maintenance polished concrete flooring services offered by Jersey Epoxy. This cost-effective and innovative option provides a stylish solution for homes and businesses alike. Choose from a variety of styles, from a glossy finish to a matte look, and enjoy brighter spaces with reduced energy consumption. Jersey Epoxy emphasizes eco-friendliness by utilizing existing concrete and employing environmentally conscious processes. Say goodbye to worries about spills and dusty floors, and welcome a sophisticated and enduring upgrade. Opt for Jersey Epoxy for a straightforward, stylish, and environmentally intelligent flooring solution that enhances both residential and commercial spaces.


Invest in lasting strength with polished concrete floors, created through concrete grinding and polishing for increased resilience.


Customize your space with polished concrete floors, offering design flexibility in sheen levels, colors, and decorative elements.


Elevate the space with the sleek and modern aesthetics of polished cement floors, providing a sophisticated touch.


Shield your floors from stains and damage with the polish for concrete, providing a protective layer for high-traffic areas.


Enjoy ease of maintenance with finished concrete floors that resist dust and allergens, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience.


Ensure a secure environment with shining concrete floors, reducing slip and fall risks in both commercial and residential settings.


Embrace an eco-friendly choice by opting for cement polishing, utilizing existing materials and enhancing natural lighting.


Contribute to energy efficiency with polished concrete, reflecting light to reduce the need for artificial lighting in expansive spaces.

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Why Choose Us For Your Polished Concrete Flooring Needs?

Opting for Jersey Epoxy for your concrete polishing needs ensures a blend of durability, aesthetic enhancement, and simplified maintenance. Jersey Epoxy specializes in concrete polishing for floors, providing a robust solution that withstands wear, stains, and chemical spills. With a variety of customizable finishes and colors, this service enables you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your space. Furthermore, the polished concrete surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, resisting dust accumulation and offering a seamless finish. The efficient polishing process minimizes downtime, making Jersey Epoxy a cost-effective choice to elevate the longevity and visual appeal of your concrete floors.

Polished Concrete in Commercial Kitchen

What is a Polished Concrete Flooring?

Polished concrete flooring is a type of flooring finish that involves grinding and polishing concrete surfaces to achieve a smooth, glossy, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The process typically begins with the removal of any existing coatings or impurities from the concrete surface. Once prepared, a series of abrasive grits are used to progressively grind the concrete to the desired level of smoothness and shine. This process is often accompanied by the application of concrete densifiers that help strengthen and harden the surface. Finally, a polishing resin is applied to enhance the shine and protect the surface. Polished concrete flooring is known for its durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatility in design, as it can be customized with various colors and finishes to suit the desired aesthetic of residential, commercial, or industrial spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Polished concrete is highly durable, effectively resisting wear and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Yes, polished concrete offers versatility with a range of colors and finishes, allowing customization to match aesthetic preferences.

Polished concrete requires minimal maintenance, featuring easy cleaning and resistance to dust accumulation.

The installation process is efficient, minimizing downtime for spaces and providing a time-effective flooring solution.

Yes, polished concrete is resilient, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial settings.

Absolutely, polished concrete is highly resistant to stains, including those from chemical spills.

For quality and expertise in concrete polishing services, Jersey Epoxy is a trusted and reliable choice, known for its commitment to excellence.

Polished concrete is an eco-friendly option, and choosing Jersey Epoxy ensures responsible and environmentally conscious practices throughout the installation process.

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