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Can You Epoxy Outdoor Concrete?

If you’ve been considering adding a touch of curb appeal to your home, you can create a more functional area and protect your outdoor concrete from the outside elements with epoxy flooring. If left unprotected, outdoor concrete can become pitted, stained, and an eye sore from our climate, such as salt and normal west and tear.

So can you epoxy outdoor concrete? The answer is yes, you can epoxy outdoor concrete. Epoxy is one of the most durable options for outdoor concrete areas. 

Whether you have a patio, pool deck, or walkway, our professionals have a great solution to protect your outdoor area from the outside elements and add curb appeal to your home. Our epoxy coatings can transform your outdoor concrete patio or walkway into a beautiful space.

Can You Epoxy Outdoor Concrete?

Can You Epoxy Outdoor Concrete: The Benefits


One of the most incredible things about epoxy coatings on outdoor concrete is their durability. If installed correctly by a professional, it can last very long. If you have plans to install epoxy on outdoor concrete, epoxy is a great option.

Epoxy is an excellent solution for outdoor patio areas and walkways because of its durability. Its long lifespan can save you the time of replacing it every few years.

The downside to having epoxy on your outdoor concrete is that you won’t benefit from its durability if not installed by a professional. An epoxy floor that is not installed correctly can lead to mold or water underneath, in addition to lifting off the concrete below.


For outdoor concrete spaces, epoxy flooring is a very affordable option. Many people hesitate to spend much money on outdoor flooring since it’s exposed to the outside elements. Outdoor concrete areas can be transformed with one solution: epoxy flooring.

By choosing epoxy flooring for your outdoor concrete patio areas, you can save extra money or spend it on a new patio set!

Epoxy flooring on outdoor concrete is only inexpensive when installed correctly by a professional. Many homeowners attempt to install epoxy themselves to save money; however, this only creates costly mistakes. Spend the money and have your epoxy flooring installed correctly so it can last for years, and you can keep the savings in your pocket. 


Epoxy coatings are famous for outdoor pool decks because they are waterproof. With a waterproof epoxy floor, you won’t need to worry about your outdoor concrete becoming wet because epoxy is hard and sealed. Epoxy is also easy to clean, meaning you can spill something on it and mop it up without leaving behind marks.

The only downside to waterproof epoxy flooring is that it can become slippery. Slippery outdoor concrete can become a problem around pool areas.

Contact a professional to install your epoxy flooring so they can formulate the epoxy with an additive to enhance the slip resistance. An additive can provide extra safety for outdoor pools and wet areas. 

Low Maintenance

Epoxy coatings can give your outdoor area a smooth, seamless finish. Epoxy floors can resist stains, dirt, and unwanted spills and are easy to maintain and clean. With epoxy flooring for your patio or walkway, you’ll give minimal effort to keep your outdoor area looking pristine.

Chemical Resistant

Epoxy flooring for your patio, pool decks, and walkway is resistant to chemicals, including oil, grease, and other household cleaning products. This makes epoxy excellent for outdoor areas prone to spills and additional chemical exposure. 


When selecting a design for your outdoor concrete area, epoxy comes in various color options, patterns, and finishes that will enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. The best part about epoxy is that you can create a customizable design for your outdoor area that fits your unique style. 


Professionals can apply epoxy coatings to outdoor areas; concrete is no exception. With this type of versatility, you can transform different outdoor spaces and enhance your outdoor area’s overall aesthetics and functionality. 

Why Hire Jersey Epoxy?

At Jersey Epoxy, our experts provide epoxy flooring for outdoor concrete areas, including patios, pool decks, and walkways. We offer one-day services to complete the job on the same day, extend warranties, and have over twenty years of experience to provide you with the best quality epoxy flooring.

Our outdoor epoxy patio, pool deck, and walkway way services include:

  • Consultation – During your consultation, our experts assess the condition of your outdoor patio and walkway, your style and preferences, and recommend the best option for your needs.
  • Installation – Once you’ve selected your epoxy flooring, our professionals schedule a time and day to install your epoxy floor. Our experts complete the installation by using high-quality materials and techniques to make your epoxy floors durable.
  • Final Review – Our experts perform a final inspection to ensure your epoxy floors meet our high-quality standards.

If you’re considering epoxy flooring for your outdoor concrete area, call us and get a free quote today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, epoxy coatings are highly durable and hold up well outdoors.

To apply epoxy to outdoor concrete, you’ll want to remove dirt and debris, degrease the floor, etch the concrete, rinse the floor, prepare the area, mix the epoxy, apply the epoxy, and add the color.

When installed by a professional, epoxy can last a very long time on concrete.

Yes, epoxy is waterproof on outdoor concrete areas.

Novolac epoxy and industry clear epoxy are the best epoxies for outdoor use.

Epoxy can last outside in the sun if you have the appropriate formulated ingredients mixed in the epoxy to withstand UV rays.

You can epoxy over existing concrete if you properly prep the surface.