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Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor in New Jersey

When owning a home, your garage is an additional space you’d like to remain clean and organized. Despite trying to keep it cleaned and organized, your garage floor may still not look how you want it to, and this may be because of the stains and discoloration on the floors.

You can prevent these eye sores with garage epoxy flooring by protecting your floors from cracks, spills, and deterioration. Whether you’re tired of working overtime to keep it clean or want to improve the durability of your garage floors, epoxy coatings have many benefits and are an excellent choice. 

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor in New Jersey

7 Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor

So what is the benefit of epoxy garage floors? Below, we’ll list seven benefits of epoxy flooring in garages. 

1. Easy to Maintain

As a homeowner, cleaning the garage is one of the last things you want to do. While many homeowners have clean garage floors, not everyone can dedicate the time to wash, clean, and maintain their floors.

With garage epoxy floors, cleaning your floors is much easier than concrete. While concrete floors can produce dust and other particles, epoxy coatings seal the concrete floors to prevent dust and other particles from collecting.

Since epoxy coatings are smooth and durable, this prevents spills from soaking into your garage floors, making them easier to maintain and clean. 

2. Long-Lasting

It only takes a short time with your Concrete floors before you begin to notice minor damages like cracks, chips and other deterioration. Fortunately, you can protect and help your garage floors last longer by adding epoxy coating this will help prevent it from peeling, cracking, or erodeing. Investing in an epoxy garage floor can enhance the protection of your floor and help it last longer. 

3. Affordable 

Epoxy floors may sound like a fancy process, that would be expensive, however Epoxy garage floors are more economical and cost less per square foot than other flooring options.

Other types of garage floor installations may require you to resurface your existing garage floor. With epoxy floors, professionals can apply epoxy floors directly to your existing garage floors. Epoxy repairs and reapplications (if needed) also cost less than the original epoxy installation.

4. Increases Property Value

Since your home is considered an investment, any upgrades you make will increase your property value; this includes your garage floors. Epoxy flooring is an excellent way to increase the property value of your home. Buyers will immediately notice your epoxy floors when you sell your home. 

5. Improves Aesthetics 

When upgrading your home, you take pride in how the inside and outside look. The last thing you need is for your garage to look unpleasant. Epoxy garage floors are aesthetically pleasing and can add a clean and refreshing look to your garage.

You’ll have many epoxy finishes, such as metallic, marble, and granite. The color combinations are nearly endless, so you can pick a color that compliments the rest of your home.

One of the best things about epoxy garage floors is that you can add epoxy coatings directly to your existing floor as long as it’s properly cleaned and prepped. Garage epoxy floors can cover imperfections, deteriorations, and spills. 

6. Weather-Resistant

Whether you reside in the Northeast, where you have humidity and all four seasons, or in the Southwest, where it’s dry, epoxy flooring can withstand even the most vital elements. Epoxy flooring can tolerate temperatures below zero and over two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Epoxy garage flooring is also fire resistant, making it a safe option indoors and outdoors.

If your garage surface has an epoxy coating, epoxy can hold up in the sun, rain, and any temperature fluctuations. Epoxy garage flooring can protect its underlying concrete no matter what kind of weather approaches. 

7. Durable & Strong

Epoxy garage floors are strong and durable, making them an excellent choice for your home to withstand its challenging environment—garage floors, in particular, experience heavy foot traffic, machinery, and spills. If your garage floor doesn’t have epoxy, it’s more likely to experience rapid deterioration.

Since epoxy floors are much stronger than concrete, they can withstand heavy impacts without the floors chipping or cracking. They can also withstand anywhere from three thousand to ten thousand pounds. With an epoxy garage floor, you won’t have to worry about spilling liquids and other damage to your floor. 

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors: Why Choose Jersey Epoxy

At Jersey Epoxy, we know your garage floors are essential to your home. A damaged garage floor can detract from its appearance and function. A durable epoxy coating protects your garage floors from wear and tear and unwanted spills.

At Jersey Epoxy, our experts are trained in garage floor epoxy services in New Jersey & Easter Pennsilvania. Our professionals use only the best materials and techniques to protect your garage floors. We will install your epoxy garage floors to your style, preferences, and color needs.

At Jersey Epoxy, we have  the following:

  • Long Warranties
  • One Day Services
  • 20+ Years of Experience 

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