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7 Reasons to Choose Retail Floor Epoxy

If you’re a retail business owner, you probably aren’t overthinking about your floors. However, we’re here to tell you that you should! One of the most sought-after flooring types among retailers is epoxy floors. 

Epoxy floors are an excellent option for retail floors and residences too! As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss the top 7 reasons to choose retail floor epoxy and why you should hire a professional. 

7 Reasons to Choose Retail Floor Epoxy

7 Best Reasons to Choose Retail Floor Epoxy

Here are the seven best reasons to choose retail floor epoxy. 

1. Durable

One of the most significant benefits of retail floor epoxy is its durability. Epoxy floors are one of the most durable types of floors for your retail business. Epoxy floors are resistant to chemicals, spills, and scratches.

If you work in an industry where you use heavy equipment, an epoxy floor is an excellent option because it can resist heavy drops and withstand heavy equipment’s movement. You can apply epoxy to concrete floors with resin and hardener.

Professionals can apply epoxy in multiple layers, making it thicker each time, again, making its durability one of the best reasons to choose retail floor epoxy. 

2. Foot Traffic

Retail epoxy floors are a great choice since retail buildings are prone to heavy foot traffic. Retail epoxy floors can hold up to heavy foot traffic, equipment, and forklifts, which workers use to transport retail items. With many types of floors in retail buildings requiring relaxing and multiple coats, you won’t need to worry about that with retail epoxy floors. 

3. Can Withstand Heavy Equipment

One of the reasons to choose retail epoxy floors is that they can withstand heavy equipment such as forklifts. Epoxy floors can withstand heavy equipment and machinery without scratching or denting your epoxy floors. While not required, if you want extra protection on your retail epoxy floors, a urethane coating can be applied to strengthen its protection. 

4. Stands Up to Damage

Not only can retail epoxy floors withstand heavy equipment, but they’re an excellent option to withstand heavy impacts. With its ability to resist scratches and dents, retail epoxy floors won’t leave a mark if you drag something heavy across their floors. With retail epoxy floors able to withstand damage, it can provide an excellent floor option that will last years!

5. Safety

While its durability is essential, safety is one of the best reasons to choose retail epoxy floors. Many building owners and homeowners always ask, “Are epoxy floors a safe choice?” When professionally installed and applied correctly, retail epoxy floors are very safe.

Once your retail epoxy floors have been applied and cured, they are entirely safe for your employees and customers. 

6. Environmentally Friendly

Many of the epoxy retail floors laid by professionals today are environmentally friendly. Many of the components of epoxy floors have no solvents, which makes it one of the best eco-friendly options for floors.

Since retail epoxy floors are also nonporous, it requires less water and cleaning solutions to clean the floor. Epoxy floors also contain no cracks for any bacteria to get into. In addition, many types of epoxy floors have antimicrobial additives which prevent chemicals from absorbing into the floor.

Spills from employees or customers passing through your retail building won’t be able to get through your floor due to its tough epoxy bond. 

7. Easy to Clean

One of the final reasons to choose retail floor epoxy is because they’re easy to clean. Since epoxy floors are highly-resistant to spills and chemicals, they are easy to clean and maintain. When cleaning epoxy floors, you’ll want to avoid using standard cleaning products, as it could affect the gloss of your floors.

To clean your epoxy floors, you can do a quick sweep to remove any debris, then mop your epoxy floors with mild dish soap and water. By cleaning your epoxy floors as needed, you can maintain a clean epoxy floor for years to come!

Why Choose Jersey Epoxy for Retail Floor Epoxy

At Jersey Epoxy, we understand that owning a retail space can be challenging. Floors with cracks, uneven areas, and stains can create an unsafe environment for your customers and employees. Not to mention the amount of time you’ll maintain your floors and the amount of money you’ll spend on repairs.

At Jersey Epoxy, our experts are well-trained in epoxy flooring and can turn your retail space into a durable, aesthetically pleasing work of art. Our professionals are committed to providing epoxy floors that fit your needs and can leave a long-lasting impression.

If you’ve been considering epoxy flooring for your retail space, call us today for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, epoxy floors are safe for retail spaces because they resist spills and chemicals.

Yes, epoxy floors are environmentally friendly because they contain no solvents.

Yes, epoxy floors can withstand heavy impacts, scratches, and dents.